Title Insurance Cost

Title Insurance cost can be determined easily and if mortgage financing is being utilized, you will likely be required to purchase a “Loan” or “Lender’s” Title Insurance Policy.¬†Unlike many other forms of insurance, title insurance is a one-time premium, typically paid at closing. In New York State title insurance premiums are regulated and fixed rates and the cost is reflective of the purchase price and loan amount being utilized. Regardless of the Title Insurance Company you select, the cost for the title insurance premiums will be identical.

PAC Abstract and Title Services LLC separates itself from its competitors by bringing experience, competence and knowledge of the various areas of law that could affect the title of real estate.

If you would like to determine the cost of your title insurance premium please visit our rate calculator at the following link:


When visiting the page please make sure to enter the county where the property is located in the drop down, select the second “OWNER’S POLICY” option in the drop down, select “PURCHASE/SALE” in the relevant drop down list and then enter your purchase price and loan amount where indicated, before clicking “calculate”. The Premium will be broken down into 3 categories: 1) The cost of the Owner’s Policy alone, 2) The cost of the Loan Policy alone and 3) the cost of the Loan and Owner’s policy when purchased together at the simultaneous “re-issue rate.”

Please note that the cost of the title insurance premium makes up a lion share of the cost associated with Title Insurance, however there are some “ancillary fees” also charged at the time of closing. Depending on the County where the property is located these ancillary fees usually add a cost of $150.00 – $25o.00 (approximately).

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.